Changes in 1.2a
Implemented Suggestions from "justme" :-)
- To apply this "release" unzip the file over the existing JPortal directory

- Configuration of timing of error/ warning messages
- Booklet settings are saveable ("Save" button)
- Booklet can be Refreshed ("R"-Button)
- Booklet color checkboxes added
- Booklet sorting for "number of cards owned" added
- small bug AI / Forked Lighting fixed (bad fix - but works)
- Hints can be situation based now - compatible to old settings, new settings possible not
  implemented in AI yet
- Quest dependencies added for:
  * by quest (default, compatible to old settings)
  * by card in heap
  * by set possible (for player)
  * by money available
  * number of victories (at least)
- space bar "emulates" player done button
- space bar also "quits game", when game is over