Plan to implement next

2.0 Release (don´t know yet)

Next supported set will be:

- "Fifth Edition" a whooping 434 complete Magic Set!
- the first non-starter set!

I expect (if I will be in the mood) I might do that till mid 2012.

1.3 Release (spring 2012)

5.2.2012 status:
Resceduled most of the upcoming stuff, included in 1.3 will be:
- new enhanced AI (this is what takes so long)
   * implemented complete new Hint-System
   * complete new battle simulation
   * scoring system (internal and/or scriptable)
   * extensive debugging functionality
   * really cool testsuit 
- Starter 2000 Set
   This doesn´t sound like much, but with that small set of 58 cards JPortal will support:
    * Artifacts
    * enchantments
    * real instants
- Achievements System
- Hint System
- many many MANY changes under the skin (Match Status, Quest Status, Shop, Card Import, Configuration Settings, better Mac/Linux support, documentation (partialy) ... etc)!

These changes are mostly done - debugging and beautifying is underway!

While a small step set wise it will be a huge step game wise :-)

1.2 Release

Is out - head for download section!

1.0 Release

Is out - head for download section!